Leaked Video Shows A Zimbabwean Woman Sleeping With Boyfriend As Son Watches

According to a publication online, the video footage shows a young boy entering his mum’s bedroom only to find his mum in bed with her boyfriend.

The boy not knowing what was going on started calling, “mum, mum”, but is ignored by the undeterred mum who instead closes her eyes and continues the act. The woman is believed to be living in Leeds and in the video, she speaks to her partner in Ndebele.

By Sunday afternoon, Zimbabweans from as far afield as South Africa, United States, Canada had seen the video which has stunned the entire Leeds community. Some sources say the boyfriend also from Zimbabwe lives in Birmingham and had traveled to Leeds for the specific act. The woman has not been identified because it may mean identifying the child which is a breach of the Child Protection Act. The Social Service officials have now apparently visited the woman in question.

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