Kwadee’s Mother Still After Him

When Okomfour Kwadee was reported sick sometime back, his mother was the one acting as his Public Relations Officer. She was heard on almost all radio stations in the country commenting about the son’s state. It got to a point Kwadee warned her not to speak publicly about him again but it seems that went to the death ears of her. According to Afrovibez,

Once regarded as one of the best acts in Ghanaian music, Okomfo Kwadee has seen so much turmoil in his life with his ever-inspiring career getting sludge to a point where he scaled from the best to the ignored.

One person who has been very instrumental in the life of the artiste, through grace and disgrace – is the mother. Some have tagged her as being part of Kwadee’s problems and others have supported her cause to protect her son. She has openly accused friends and managers of Kwadee for negatively influencing her son, introducing him to drugs and sinking his career.

After a hiatus from the music scene, Okomfo Kwadee is back in the mix of a very competitive industry and this time, her mum is in his corner, not leaving him alone as the artiste released two new singles, ‘Fee Fee’ and ‘Di Kan Ko’ which features Kwaw Kesse.

In an interview with Fareed Yakubu, the CEO of Black Stars Production, the new label that signed the artiste; he said that the artiste is back for good and will be launching his full album in June 2014. He added that, they have plans of releasing about five different singles of Kwadee before the full album is officially launched.

“We have plans of releasing one single together with a video every month before the end of May; then in June, we shall do the full album launch,” he said.

On the relationship between the label and Kwadee’s mother, he said that, Kwadee’s mother doesn’t have any problem with Kwadee’s come back. He explained that, the problems that ensued between Kwadee and his former management was due to lack of understanding between Kwadee’s family and his management, but now, they are working in collaboration with Kwadee’s mother.

“Kwadee is a great talent who doesn’t need to be neglected because of family and managerial issues, and although working with the family might be difficult, we believe that the best way to save the situation is to involve his mum and family fully in the management of the artiste,” Fareed explained. On Kwadee’s health status, Mr. Yakubu said that Kwadee is fit and strong enough for the music game and needs to be encouraged instead of spreading false tales about him; which could demoralize and demotivate him from actualizing his passion, which is music.

In a separate chat with Okomfo Kwadee, he disagreed with the perception held by many that he has mental problems. According to him, he wouldn’t be able to do quality music if he had any mental challenges. However, he admitted to seeing the doctor for stress-related issues which he believes did not prevent him or affect his recording procedures.

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