KOD Blames Afriyie For Wutah’s Split

After six years of Wutah‘s split, Kofi Okyere Darko, former manager of the defunct music group, has finally made known what separated the group. The radio and TV personality on Hitz FM blamed Afriyie for the group’s collapse.  Explaining what Afriyie did to make the duo go their separate ways, KOD said the “Go Gaga” singer thought he was better than the other half of the group due to his singing ability.

“I wont even mince words, he (Afriyie) was the problem. He thought he is an island. He thought the music industry or the world revolved around him and that he should make more money than his partner, which I totally disagreed.

We had different roles in making sure that the music got out there.” KOD told Mzgee.

He continued that “Afriyie is getting nominations at Ghana Music Awards but he is not making money. It is not paying him. It is not putting money into his pocket but because of selfishness, arrogance and stuffs, this is where they are today”.

Afriyie reacting to KOD’s accusation said, “this is not the time to apportion blame”.

“I think we are over that hurdle and there is a new page in our lives. We are all trying to make it big now. He (KOD) has lost his dad so we should think of how to find a resting place for the big man who is no more.

Those are the things I think we should be looking at now but now who caused the group’s collapse because I think that’s in he past. We have a whole life ahead of us now”

Source: Zionfelix


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