Kim Kardashian’s Big “Oranges” Leaks Breast Milk On Live TV

Kim Kardashian gave viewers of the Kardashian reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, something to remember for a very long time when one of her breast started leaking milk live on TV.

Kim who was having a discussion with her sister, Khloe and brother Rob, when Khloe noticed the wet patch on her blouse. In shock, she exclaimed and drew her sisters attention to it.

“Your boob is, like, leaking out of control! It is like a water fountain,” Khloe told her as they all noticed the large liquid mark around her right nipple.

Rob who obviously wasn’t prepared for such an exposure, indicated that he’s been weird out by the incident as he left.

Kim then positioned her breast pad on the other breast to prevent it from also leaking and went on to chat with her sister as if nothing happened.

Here are some pictures Below.







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