Islamic Cleric Caught Sexually Abusing Children of an Islamic School

Resides of Valco Flats, a suburb of Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region, are on the heels of an Islamic cleric who allegedly sexually abused some pupils of an Islamic school he heads.
The cleric, whose name was only mentioned as Mallam Ibrahim, was said to have lured some female pupils of his school to his room and forced them to suck his manhood before having sexual intercourse with them, so he could spare them sanctions for any wrongdoing.

A resident who captured a spectacle of the Mallam naked on video, confronted him, but the Mallam threatened to deal with him. Mallam Ibrahim absconded after he was physically confronted by residents who saw the picture of him ‘in action’. He is currently at large.

Pictures intercepted by Daily Guide showed among others a girl dressed in Islamic veil sucking the manhood of Mallam Ibrahim who was lying flat on his back on a bed.

Another picture showed him lying flat on the bed with his hand crossed under his head as his manhood was being sucked.
Rashid Fuseni, a resident of the area, told Daily Guide that last month, a Christian neighbour of Mallam Ibrahim told some of his friends in the area about how the Mallam who had converted part of his house into an Arabic and English School, had been sexually abusing some of his pupils.

The friends were said to have challenged the man whose room was adjacent Mallam Ibrahim’s. The Christian neighbour then proceeded to capture the scenes on camera.

Fear gripped pupils of the school following the circulation of the pictures in the neighbourhood. Most parents have withdrawn their kids from the school as a manhunt for Mallam Ibrahim continues. The matter is yet to be reported to the Ashaiman Police, the newspaper can confirm.

Source: Daily Guide



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