Is He Falling Out of Love With Me? 3 Signs That Show He Might Be Losing His Feelings For You

Your worst fear is that the man you are dating might end up falling out of love with you. More than anything else, you want to make sure that you do all that you can so that he DOESN’T feel that way, but there is a part of you that thinks that it might be happening. It’s far better to know ahead of time that things are going that way, because you don’t want to end up getting dumped and then wondering what happened and what it is that you might have been able to do to change that.

Here are 3 signs that show he might just be falling out of love and losing interest in you:

1. He spends more time out with his friends than he used to.

When a relationship is brand new, a guy will usually end up spending quite a bit of time with the woman he is dating. He might even blow off plans that he made with his friends in order to spend time with you and as his feelings grow, he’ll probably do that even more. However, if he IS falling out of love with you, then chances are good that he’ll try to spend more time with his friends and less time with you. Don’t assume that this is definitely what is happening, because as a relationship grows, sometimes the “need” to spend time with each other wanes a little.

2. He doesn’t seem to want to talk about the future with you anymore.

Did he used to like to talk about the future and his plans that he had with you? Did that change? Quite often, this is one of those subtle signs that you might not really see unless you think about it and look for that change. However, it does tend to be one of the more common signs that women will see when they look back on a relationship that has come to an end.

3. You are fighting more often with him and he doesn’t seem to be as willing to compromise.

A guy in love with a woman will usually compromise more often than a guy who is falling out of love. If you are arguing more often with your boyfriend and you realize that he doesn’t seem to be willing to make a lot of compromises, then that may be a sign that he is losing his feelings for you and that he is falling out of love with you.

Source: Alexandra Scott singlegirlsdatingtips.com

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