I’m Serious About Joining VIP — Rockstone

When Reggie Rockstone tweeted last Friday that he would love to take Promzy’s place in VIP, many thought he was kidding. The Grandpapa of Hiplife joining VIP? That must be some kind of a joke.
The Oseikrom President, however, seems very serious and is even ready to throw a party to celebrate the moment VIP accepts him into their fold.

Talking to Showbiz last Monday, the Maka Maka hit-maker said he was serious about the tweet which stated: “Just read bout my brother Promzy leaving da legendary VIP group! I shud apply to replace him! Always wanted to be in dat group! Lol! Chance”.

“I will be more than honoured to join VIP. I must say that I love their music and I’m a huge fan of theirs. I have followed the group for more than 10 years. I have actually been a part of them.

“I featured them on my show back in the day at the Efua Sutherland’s Children’s Park and have also performed together on two occasions in New York. I have been a close friend of theirs and I flow very well with them so becoming a member of VIP will be just perfect.”

According to Reggie, there are several pointers that make him more than qualified to replace Promzy who left VIP recently.

“I am famous; I have the experience and moreover, I am one of the best rappers in Ghana. With all these qualities, I think I woul be the best artiste in Ghana to replace Promzy.”

When it was pointed out to him that he might be too ‘big’ since he is the Grandpapa of Hiplife and also too old to join VIP, Reggie said that “as a musician, you can never say you are too big to join a group. I am still very vibrant and have a lot to offer.”

Asked if he had spoken to the other members of VIP— Joseph Nana Ofori (Prodigal) or Abdul Hamid Ibrahim ( Zeal) about taking over from Promzy, the Plan Ben hit-maker said he was yet to do so but his tweet about his desire to join the group should tell anyone that he had intentions of becoming a VIP.

In as much as he would love to take over Promzy’s place, Reggie indicated he was not happy about the break-up of the group after staying together for two decades.

Reggie, who is currently putting finishing touches to a number of singles he plans to release soon, wished Promzy and the other remaining members of VIP well in the decisions they have taken concerning their music careers.

When Showbiz contacted VIP on their take on Reggie’s intention to join them, the group’s manager, Bull Dog, said though they had seen the tweet, they had not given any serious thought to it.

“It will be an honour to have Reggie Rockstone on board but that decision will have to be collectively taken by the artistes and the management team. I think replacing Promzy with Reggie Rockstone wouldn’t be a bad idea at all,” Bull Dog added.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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