How To Make Someone Fall For You – Tips On How To Be Lovable

There comes a time in any person’s life when that need to love and be loved seems so urgent. You love someone, but that person does not feel the same for you. Yet, hope is not totally lost. Just know how to make someone fall for you and you will definitely enjoy the bliss that love can bring.

Focus On Yourself First

The first step to take for this mission is to accept and love your self. Acknowledge that you are a lovable person. Feel confident and comfortable about yourself: your physical looks, your emotional and intellectual traits, etc. While who and what you are right now is already awesome, make yourself better by thinking of ways to reinvent yourself. If you are a guy, you may get a new hairstyle or change your choices of clothes. If you are a girl, a new hairstyle will also be good or a different lipstick shade like red. Be positive and think positive so you can help yourself in envisioning a great future with that person you want to fall in love with you.

Spend More Time Together

When you are always with someone, you begin to depend on that person and get used to the feeling that he/she is always beside you. It does not matter if it is not a romantic date, even casual activities will do. You may watch TV shows together. Help him/her do household chores. Help him/her finish his/her school works, etc.

Laugh Together

The sound of love is laughter and laughing together with that person you are aiming to fall for you will make him/her receptive to the love you are willing to give. It is not about acting like a clown just to make him/her laugh. It is about laughing spontaneously together because of your natural sense of humor.

Be Patient

It is true that when you love someone, you also want that someone to love you in return, if possible. However, this is something that you can do quickly. If want you want to have with that person is a serious and committed love, you should not hurry. Rush and you might just get a fling that can quickly fade. Patience is the key you need to use. You need to take time in working on charming him/her. Persuade him/her without seeming like suffocating or obsessive. Remember that love is not like a material thing that you can buy. It cannot be forced too. Let everything move forward on its natural pace.

Know Each Other Well

While at it, you will have the opportunity to know more about each other. If you are truly in love with him/her, you will be open-minded and accepting for whatever new things you discover about that person. He/she will realize and sense what you are trying to do. He/she will realize that you are the one who can truly understand him/her and eventually become unrestrained when with your company. That person will start being more open to you, feel happier and comfortable in your company.

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