Ghanaian Gets Life Sentence in UK For Murdering ‘Cheating’ Wife

A court in the United Kingdom has sentenced a 38 year old Ghanaian to life imprison for murdering his wife over suspicion she was sleeping with a neighbour. Minta Adiddo is said to have stabbed the wife, Akua Agyeman, 32, fifteen times before attempting to run her over with his car.

A report in the online version of the British newspaper the DailyMail, says the convicted Minta Adiddo will spend 17 years in jail for the murder of his wife and mother of their two children.

Akua Agyeman’s last words as she lay injured were to ask if her children were all right. Akua Agyeman died two months after the fatal stab wounds. Documents from the Old Bailey Court in the United Kingdom say Minta said he suspected his wife was having an affair with one neighbour Oledapo Etti-Williams in October 2012, and therefore decided to teach her some hard lessons.

Mr. Etti-Williams was quoted in the Court documents to have admitted exchanging flirtatious messages with the deceased but nothing went beyond it. The court heard that on November 5, 2013 Minta, using a large kitchen knife stabbed the wife in their bedroom five times while their one year old daughter slept in a cot next to them.

Not satisfied with the pain inflicted on the woman, Minta chased the wife, who had escaped, through the street and stabbed her again. He subsequently got into his car and attempted to run her over but missed.

Sensing danger, Minta took to his heels but was arrested by some onlookers who handed him over to the police. During his appearance in court, Minta denied the charge of murder, blaming the incident on the devil. Judge  Brian Barker in his sentence said though he accept that “this was not a  planned killing, it was however done out of frustration and temper”, and in his view the act was  “cowardly and selfish.”

He described the death of the mother of two as a shocking waste of a vibrant life and a loss of a mother which will be long felt.


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