Ghanaian Actress Dumps Husband

Another sad story hits the entertainment industry as unconfirmed reports by News One suggests that one actress has parted ways with the love of her life. The reason for their separation is not known but News One tried to find out why and has filed this report. This is not the first its happening in the Ghanaian entertainment industry as many actors and musicians marriages have collapsed.

Ghanaian actress Soraya Mensah has parted ways with the love her life, Peter Ahiakpor, otherwise called Don P, a wealthy Ghanaian businessman, according to reports.

The two lovebirds dated about two years before they had their first daughter. The reason for their separation, however remains unknown. Sources told News-One that they decided to go their separate ways long before their daughter turned three last week. Efforts to reach her yesterday to confirm or deny their separation proved futile as she did not respond to calls to her phone.

The beautiful actress went off the silver screens to have her baby and had been dormant in the movie industry until she appeared in Nadia Buari’s produced film, “The Diary of Imogen Brown” at the latter part of last year.

After her previous denial of being pregnant, it appears now that there is nothing to hide anymore.

Ghanaian actress Soraya Kukubor Mensah’s belly looks bigger than ever and it is obvious that she is expecting a baby anytime soon. NEWS-ONE cameras captured the beautiful actress who is half Lebanese the recent Ghana Movie Awards, organized on Christmas Day at the Accra International Centre, looking very pregnant.

From her current state, Soraya appears to have put on some weight due to the pregnancy, such that one hardly recognizes her.

She entered the conference centre for the awards ceremony with a nice dark-skinned gentleman but not many recognized her.

It was also not clear if the man was the one responsible for Soraya’s pregnancy.

However, a source said the man responsible for the pregnancy was a multi billionaire Ghanaian business tycoon who lived in the beautiful parts of Achimota in Accra. His nickname starts with the letter D and ends with P and owns talk-of-town palace-like residence at Achimota in which is parked fleet of luxurious cars.

The actress, according to the source, had been dating him for awhile. How they met is however a different tale for another day.

Though Soraya is considered one of the new but promising faces on the screens, her fans are concerned about how swift she can bounce back to the screens after delivery.

She burst onto the scene in Sparrow Production’s ‘Scorned’ as Chris Attoh’s girlfriend. She went on to feature in Venus Films ‘Hail My Heart’, ‘Prince’s Bride’ and ‘Material Girl.’ She also played a supporting role in ‘The Supremo’ alongside Prince David Osei and Jackie Appiah.

She believes she has great potential for the movie industry but she is, at times, denied the opportunity because of her height. “People kept talking about my height,” she once told NEWS-ONE.

Source: NEWS-ONE


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