Ghana Is Beautiful Pictures: Checkout Wli Waterfalls In the Volta Region, Ghana

Wli Fall is supposed to be the highest waterfall in West Africa, though specifications of its real height vary considerably with estimates ranging from 20m to as much as 400m. The Fall actually consists of two separate waterfalls, one easily accessible Lower Fall and a more difficult to reach Upper Fall (Shown in Photo). An apparently reasonable guess is that the lower fall is about 50m high.

Wli Falls is located in the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary which covers an area of 35 km2. To reach the waterfall, visitors walk on a footpath through a thick, semi-deciduous forest, fording two rivers a total of nine times. 220 bird species and 400 butterfly species as well some monkeys and antelopes reportedly inhabit the Sanctuary. Some trees around the footpath have been marked with intention of creating a nature education trail. At the waterfall, thousands of straw-coloured fruit bats nest on the adjacent cliffs. At the foot of the waterfall, there is large pool that invites visitors to swim in.

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