Fashion Police: Checkout What Some Female Celebrities Wore At Ghana Movie Awards 2013



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See the kind of dresses some of our female celebrities wore to the Ghana Movie Awards 2013.  It was as if they were in a competition to showcase their breast in public.

Most of them had too much make-up on their faces to the extent that, they rather looked horrible and scary.














  1. Success Joseph says:

    It is pitiful how people often called these weird women Celebrities when they should be coined Hookers. What in life would make a decent well brought up actress to expose herself in such manner when she is not even on screen doing her acts? It is insensitivities to the norms of the environment they find themselves in-African environment. There are lots more of fashionable wears they could dressed into and yet be seen as not just an actress and star but a role model for the generations that would follow after them. But the prostituting mindset of women didn’t think it is indecent if every men in the world saw their Breast and other Sensitive body parts. See the one in the Cherry-Red. You don’t have to be told the amount of directors and producers she has slept with to get to this point. Shame to Them. On screen Exposal of your body is not like the one you do off screen when attending event. Sick Minded Generation of African Girls.

  2. Success Joseph says:

    See the hooker in the White-the last in the line of pictures. What is she saying in her attire? “I am Available.” No decent lady regardless of star or not would show her under wear in this manner. It is meant for just you. The Westerner dressed into these messy thing because they (those of them doing so) have that Prostituting mindset.

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