Fans “Attack” Ahuofe Patri For Posing With An “Erected” Guy

Posing in a picture with a bikini as a celebrity is well accepted worldwide. But some are yet to admit such culture in Ghana in this 21 century.

Even though many would want to see most popular Ghanaian female artists in bikinis, they always find it abnormal and boorish to see those pictures on social media.

Fans of these popular persons on social media have always criticized semi-nude pictures of their so-called celebs to the extent of calling them unhealthy names, but to be famous, you must have that thick skin to absorb the insults.

Ahuofe Patricia, who is gradually becoming a household name in the entertainment industry for her outstanding role in a comic series “Boys Kasa” is now facing the ire of her fans on social media, specifically Facebook for posing in what many described as a tempting picture.

Clad in a black bikini exposing little flesh, thus, the ass, with a well-built abdominal muscle guy in red shorts, Ahuofe Patri as affectionately called in the comic series posted a picture on Facebook captioned “Happy Sunday”.

As usual of Ghanaians, she has been flooded with insults mostly from her fellow ladies as some questioned her reason for posting such an arousing picture which the anonymous guy is pictured with an almost erected penis.

Source: peacefmonline


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