Delay Says She Wants More Money, Not Fame

Radio and Television presenter, Delay is not one to gloat in public admiration and return home on an empty stomach. “All I want to do now is to make more money so that my children enjoy my legacy.”

Delay told Showbiz on Monday that at one time in her career, everyone was hailing her as a great presenter at Top Radio, but unknown to many, that was the time she was broke and hungry.

“At Top Radio when my name was all over the place, life was difficult for me because I was broke and very hungry. Although I enjoyed fame, I couldn’t afford the things I wanted.

“You would be the most stupid person on earth when you die with fame and your children cannot benefit anything from you” she said.

Delay was responding to a question as to why people thought she was no longer famous as she used to be.
“If I want attention today, I know what to do to get the attention of Ghanaians but now I am focusing on my businesses such as  Delay Mackerel and the Smooch Shops I have established.

“We have many celebrities  today who are hungry and cannot even cater for themselves. After getting the fame what you use it for is the most important thing.

“I have workers I pay including paying rent and taxes on my shops. If anyone says Delay is no more relevant, I don’t really bother about that but rather I’m making plans to be one of the successful business women in Ghana”, she said.
Talking about her regular running shows The Delay Show and Afia Schwarzenegger, Delay said it would be wrong for anyone to say her shows are not making any impact when everyone is saying positive things about her show.

Delay said  there had been a lot of  media publications about her that were totally untrue. One thing she wished journalists would do is find out from her who she really was rather  than write wild stories about her.

She described herself as a simple person who kept to herself most of the time.
She would not talk about who she was dating when she was asked.  She said “I want to keep my relationship private. Some celebrities may be too happy talking about their partners but I don’t enjoy doing that”.

Source: Daily Graphic


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