Ghana Is Beautiful Pictures

Ghana Is Beautiful Pictures: Checkout The Paragliding Festival in Ghana


When you step off of the plane in Accra, the capital of Ghana, the equatorial air hits you like a steamy, sultry cloud, full of unfamiliar …

Ghana Is Beautiful Pictures: Checkout The Aphrodisiac Nite Club in Ghana


If you are looking for a good nightclub in Ghana then you should checkout the Aphrodisiac Nite Club. It was officially opened on 23rd December, 2004 …

Ghana Is Beautiful Pictures: Checkout How A Train Station In Ghana Looks Like


The Ghana Railway sector is gradually growing although we are still not at the level we were back in the 1960s when Kwame Nkrumah was the President of …

Checkout The Cape Coast Castle in Ghana


‘Cabo Corso,’ meaning ‘short cape’, is the name the Portuguese settled on for the local settlement within which its trade lodge was built in 1555. Its …

Checkout The Airport Residential Area in Accra


The Airport Residential Area is one of the beautiful places in the city. This place is called the Airport Residential Area because it is close to …

Checkout The History Behind The Akosombo Dam


Ghana was in hurry to develop after it got independence in 1957. The President at the time, wanted to build factories, hospitals, schools, roads, new homes …

Ghana Is Beautiful Pictures: Checkout How The Capital City Of Ghana Looks Like At Night


Checkout how the capital city of Ghana actually looks like in the night. Majority of the people are normally indoors in the night enjoying some quit …

Ghana Is Beautiful Pictures: Checkout Wli Waterfalls In the Volta Region, Ghana

Ghana is Beautiful85

Wli Fall is supposed to be the highest waterfall in West Africa, though specifications of its real height vary considerably with estimates ranging from 20m to …

Ghana Is Beautiful Pictures: Checkout Tetteh Quarshie Interchange In Accra, Ghana

Ghana is Beautiful7

This is one of the biggest Interchange in Ghana. It is connected to most of major roads and links to several road networks in the capital …

The Question: Where Is Ghana?


This page was specifically created for those who want to know where Ghana is located in the world map. Most of my friends who live abroad …

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