Fashion Police

Fashion Police: Wedding Ceremony Turns Into A Boobz Show (More Photos)


It’s as if this wedding ceremony was meant for women with big “boobz”. Both the bride and bridesmaids decided to wear dresses that showcased their big …

Fashion Police: Checkout This Christmas Wedding Outfit


This woman was spotted wearing a weird looking outfit as her wedding dress during a wedding ceremony at a church. Do you like her outfit? Will …

Fashion Police: Lady Showcases Her X-Mas Head Scarf


This young lady posted a picture of herself wearing a weird looking head scarf. This is an X-Mas release! What the Name of this Style? Umbrella …

Fashion Police: Is This Lady Trying To Break Her Legs With A High Heels Shoe?


This lady will break her legs with this long high heels shoes. Most of our ladies complain about feet and waist pain after wearing these long …

Fashion Police: Checkout High Heel Shoe A Lady Wore To An Event


A lady called Fade Ogunro was spotted at an event wearing this weird looking high heels. These high heels are getting crazier each day. Will you …

Fashion Police: Ghana Actress Showcase Her “Oranges”

Andrea Owusu

Up and coming Ghanaian actress, Andrea Owusu reveals it all when she attended a movie premiere appearance at the West Hills Mall. The actress wore an …

Fashion Police: Checkout The Outfit A Lady Wore To The Shopping Mall


This young lady was spotted at the Shopping Mall wearing this outfit. She seems okay with the fact that alot of people were staring at her …

Fashion Police: Checkout What A Lady Wore To Birthday Party


This young lady posted a picture of herself wearing this outfit to a birthday party. As you can see, she was happily displaying her new rag …

Fashion Police: Is This Person A Woman or A Man?


I recently came across this picture on social media and I was confused about the gender of the person in the picture. What do you guys …

Fashion Police: Checkout Brazilian Weave A Lady Wore To The Mall In Europe


See the Brazilian hair a lady decided to wear to a Mall in Europe. I guess she has broken the world record for wearing this weird …

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