Ayitey Powers Dodges Bukom Banku on April 18 clash

Unconfirmed reports say fanciful and hard-talking boxer Ayitey Powers has quit his much-publicized 18th April Cruiserweight bout with unbeaten and witty Champion Bukom Banku.

The sudden withdrawal by Powers, according to sources close to his camp who spoke with Graphic Sports, is founded on the counsel of Prophet TB Joshua, Founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations where Ayitey Powers is said to have been exorcised of demonic forces.

Ayitey Powers and Bukom Banku have since the announcement of the bout engaged in high-flying war words in the build up to the anticipated fight to be held at the Accra Sports Stadium.
Either boxer had promised their followers instant victory, with predictions of early knockout for which they wanted their fans to be early at the fight.

Should Powers confirm his withdrawal from one of Ghana’s most promoted and publicised boxing bouts, expect Bukom Banku to descend heavily on his rival with some of his side-splitting wits and his peculiar Bukom-brewed English after he predicted among others, that his opponent was more noted as a talkative than a boxer.

Banku said he wanted the bout so badly to silence Powers once and for all and was set to dehorn Powers’ “aklonto”, referring to the two bushy golden patches of hair sitting on Powers’ head and for which people call him to ask if his opponent, “Ayitey Powers is correct.”

Source: Daily Graphic



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