Army Soldier Catches Pastor On Top of His Wife

This young army officer (name withheld) got back from peacekeeping to find a Pastor enjoying the wife on their matrimonial bed.

According to information gathered by Reportghananews.com, the Pastor at the centre of the controversy own a church called Maximum Deliverance Church. The wife of the soldier is a member of the church and so the Pastor took advantage of the fact that the soldier has gone for peacekeeping which will last for a year.

According to information gathered by Reportghananews.com, the woman has been complaining to the Pastor about having sexual feelings after the soldier left.. Instead in advising the woman, the Pastor decided to satisfy the woman’s desire himself. And so every week, he will go and enjoy the married woman on her matrimonial bed.

Their luck run out when the soldier got a tip off from a neighbor about the secret relationship between his wife and the Pastor. He sent some of his friends to go and find out what was going on.

Lo and behold, They caught the Pastor on top of the married man.






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