Angry Van Vicker Threatens To Sue Over Ebola Claims

Movie star, Van Vicker, has threatened to sue websites which reported that he had contracted Ebola while shooting a movie in Liberia.

Speaking to Myjoyonline Wednesday, Van Vicker denied having contracted Ebola, adding that he had not visited Liberia since Ebola broke out there.

He said he initially didn’t take the reports seriously until he stated receiving calls from people regarding his health.
Van Vicker said:  “I didn’t take it seriously myself. I just thought it was one of those Facebook things like what they did to me, I think about a year ago, when they said I was going to church in Nigeria and I had an accident and was bleeding to death.

“So I thought it was a Facebook thing only to realize that it was actually a story on a website and other websites or bloggers picked it up and the whole thing just went out of proportion.

“Then it dawned on me how serious this story is getting and how it could affect my career and family.”
Van Vicker added that he was not contacted for his side of the story before the website published it.

Accordingly, he said he was considering suing the publishers of the story.

“I got off the line with my lawyer and she is looking at the possibility of suing the persons behind it. We are just trying to get the source. For starters we know where the story broke out.”

He expressed hope that such a legal action would  “send a signal to all those who have been writing such bogus stories” to put a stop to it.

Source: Myjoyonline


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