Agya Koo and Kwaku Manu Are Back Together Again

Though the rift between comedian and actor Agya Koo and his protegee, Kwaku Manu became public knowledge when some Kumasi-based film producers poured out their frustrations over the unwillingness of the two to play alongside each other in films some time ago, the two men vehemently denied the existence of any such feud.

It is believed the three-year fracas between the two allegedly started when Manu became people’s favourite over Agya Koo who was the local comedy ‘king’ before the emergence of Manu.

At a reconciliation press conference organised by the two in Kumasi last Monday, however, Agya Koo and Kwaku Manu confessed that indeed, some bad blood existed between them but they had buried the hachet and were friends again.

Speaking on Peace FM last Monday on the station’s major news bulletin at 6:00 pm, Agya Koo confirmed that it had not been peaceful between himself and Manu whom he described as a younger brother.

He said that he had to let go off any bitterness he harboured against Manu after the ‘younger brother’ had come with a delegation to apologise to him for any wrongs he (Manu) had done against him.

Agya Koo noted that he could not blame Kwaku Manu much for the rift that ensued between them. That was because he felt there are many people in the industry who like to pitch popular actors against each other for their own selfish reasons

“Kwaku Manu is one of the guys that I personally trained in the industry and so why would I turn against him?” Agya Koo asked.

He refused to give details of what led to the feud when asked. He was, however, quick to add that they had both put the past behind them and their fans should expect to see more of them in upcoming movies .

“We are even on location shooting a movie together now”, he said.

In an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday, Kwaku Manu expressed satisfaction over his new relationship with Agya Koo whom he admitted had been of great help to him in his career.

“As human beings, we all have our ups and downs but at a point in time, you need to reflect on your past and that is what I did. I realised that I needed to reconcile with those I wasn’t on very good terms with. I don’t have any regret for apologising to Agya Koo since I consider him as an elder brother.

“I have heard people say that Agya Koo and I were not on good terms because I had outshined him then when he was reigning. Well, I don’t know where those people got that information from. What is important now is that I have made up with Agya Koo and this should end all the controversies,” he added.

Asked if their reconciliation was not a ploy to join forces to oust Lil Win who seems to have taken over the comedy scene, Kwaku Manu laughed and remarked:

“That can’t be true because we are all unique in our own ways. Agya Koo has his style, Lil Win has his and I also have mine and these set us apart.”

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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