7 Common Reasons Men Are Getting Rejected By a Woman



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Getting rejected by a woman is hard for most men to deal with. And it’s one of the main reasons they are single for much longer than they want to be. If you’re not able to handle rejection, you’re not going to be successful at meeting women and will probably never end up in a relationship with an intelligent, beautiful, amazing girlfriend.

Because it’s that important I made a list of 7 common reason men are getting rejected by a woman, enjoy:

1. The stalker mistake

If you see a beautiful woman sitting there, it’s in your nature to be look at her frequently. You then start thinking about how you’re going to approach her and what you’re going to say… In that process you stare even more at her.

Because you’re afraid you kill about an hour this way before you actually go over there and approach her…

She’s been noticing you staring all the time, looking like a stalker to her. She’s going to feel creepy about it and will blow you off because of this.

So make your approach immediately, if you want to avoid getting rejected by a woman you’re interested in.

2. Neediness

We’ve all been guilty of this one… Most men see a beautiful woman and think “I want THAT” (objectifying her). They want to go talk to her with a certain purpose in mind: to get her number, to look cool in front of their friends, to take her home,… Whatever.

When they then approach a woman, they’re totally invested in the outcome they put for themselves. They’re attached to it and do whatever it takes to “close the deal”.

Most men act very needy around women because of this. They want it too much and because of that an alarm goes off in the woman’s mind… telling her to run…

It’s important to stop idealizing women before you know them and stop attaching an outcome to your interactions.

3. They are in “hunt mode”

Lots of men go out with the sole purpose of hunting for women.. They go out in “hunt mode” as I call it sometimes…

For example, I used to go to clubs and parties in the weekend with the sole purpose of meeting women, not to enjoy myself…

But you’re sabotaging yourself because women hate that vibe from men… Going out to meet women is great… You’re being assertive, going for what you want. But you become much more attractive if you’re having fun at the same time…

This really is one of the most common reasons men are getting rejected by a woman, especially if you add alcohol into the mix!

4. Try to impress her

One of the most fundamental needs we have as men, is to impress women. Some think it takes money, some go for the fame and others think it takes looks…

Unfortunately it’s also one of the most common reasons men are getting rejected by a woman. Whatever you believe, it’s important to realize you don’t need any of them to impress women.

Women are impressed by the man who doesn’t even try to impress her! That’s important to realize… You got to feel valuable in and of yourself and feel you’re good enough to attract any woman…

5. Not realizing women are testing you

Women are constantly testing men to see if they can take control and turn you into a wuss. She might demand something unreasonable to see If you’re strong enough to say no. She might throw a tantrum to see if you’ll let her get away with it. Whatever…

Testing from women will never stop, even when you’re married for 50 years she’ll keep doing it…

If you “pass” her tests, she trusts you instantly… So go for getting her trust, not for getting her approval…

6. Bad body language

Your body language says much more about you than your words… Especially when you approach a woman. Most men feel they need the “perfect” pickup line to approach a woman. And if they use that line she will like you.

But getting rejected by a woman usually doesn’t have anything to do with you opener. Attraction doesn’t work like that.

One way of attracting her is your body language. And you probably already know what to do, you just need to become more aware of it: walk a little taller, shoulders backwards,…

7. Last but not least…

It’s also important to realize getting rejected by a woman isn’t necessarily about you. She might have a boyfriend. The guy before you might have acted like a complete idiot and she doesn’t feel like talking to some other guy right now.

Maybe she’s being hormonal, maybe she wants to boost her ego by rejecting men…

Whatever… there’s no need in taking rejection personally. The biggest players in the world get rejected regularly… They’re just unaffected by it and keep having fun.

Another last insight you got to realize is this: you can’t avoid rejection. If you do a lot of approaches, getting rejected by a woman might be inevitable now and then. If you don’t approach anybody, you’re rejecting yourself!

Source: Ben C. Benson gettinghernumber.com


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