4 Main Reasons Why Men Pull Away In Relationships And How To Deal With It

Why men pull away is a question that almost every woman would ask at some point in a relationship. She fear that she has done something wrong or have not done as much as she could, thinking that the reason he pulls away is somehow her fault. There are always ups and downs in a relationship and here are some reasons why men pull away in relationships.

1. Personal Issues

Sometimes the issue is not with you so do not worry and be sensitive about it. One of the common reason is that they are dealing with their personal issues in other aspects of life, causing him to fret over them and this affects his mood for love. Women may feel that this is one of the worst reason as there is nothing that you can do to help solve the problem.

The only thing that she can do is to support him in all decisions, believe in him and let him have the time and space to settle these personal problems. Though it may be tough to give him that space and flexibility, take this opportunity to have some alone time doing the things you enjoy or plan a night out with your girlfriends. Your partner will definitely appreciate the space and time to solve his problems.

2. Finding Faults

Some men are very touchy and prideful toward criticism. They may not like women who find faults with them all the time, this is especially so if the lady criticize her partner in front of his friends. Put yourself in their shoes, think about it, would you want your man to find fault with you all the time?

Remember that no one is perfect including yourself. Finding faults and criticizing him too often will cause tension in your relationship. Do not think about wanting him to change but instead give him space to grow.

3. Pressure

Pressure might be one of the reasons why your man is pulling away from the relationship. When placed under unnecessary pressure, men tend to shun away or distance themselves from these situations.

Especially in cases where the woman pressures their significant other to bring their relationship to the next level like entering into a marriage, the man might bow under pressure and pull away from the relationship. Take things naturally and the next step and level in the relationship will unfold as time pass by. By then, both of you would be ready for the next step in a relationship.

4. Monotone Relationship

If your man is pulling away in a relationship, ask yourself if your relationship is too boring and lacks the fun element. It could be that both of you are too comfortable with one another or there are too many things that are happening in life that none of you is taking the initiative to inject fun and exciting activity to ignite that passionate fire and spark.

A healthy and happy relationship is an active and fun one. Choose activities and hobbies that interest both your loved one and you. Your man will appreciate the effort in organizing these activities. Remember, a couple who do things together stay together.

Source: Sajan Elanthoor girlsgetsring.com

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