2 Men Fight Over Pregnant Woman

Two men, Ayew Agambiana from Sukura and another identified as Fofo Torgbadza, both aged 30, are locked in a fierce battle over a pregnant woman, Grace Akaapo and her two-year old child.

The two men are contending over who the rightful husband of Grace and father of the two-year old child is. Both men are claiming to have legitimately married Grace for which reason they are laying claim to be the child’s father. While Fofo claimed they had been married for the past six years, Ayew, on the other hand, said they had been together for the past four years and that Grace was his legitimate wife while the child also belonged to him.

Grace delivered the child at Dome, near Accra. The Tesano Branch of the Domestic Violence and Victims’ Support Unit (DOVVSU) is, however, holding the two men in custody after they had created a nasty scene in public by shouting. Interestingly, the mother, Grace Akaapo, 20, who had had sexual intercourse with the two men, is six months pregnant and it is yet to be established whether any of the two men is responsible for the pregnancy.

Confirming the story to DAILY GUIDE, ASP Experanza, the commanding officer in charge of Tesano DOVVSU, said on Monday September 9, 2013, around 1:00pm, Grace Akaapo and Fofo Torgbadza reported to the Mile 7 Police that suspect Ayew Agambiana had kidnapped their two-year-old daughter.

Police proceeded to arrest Ayew for investigations. At the police station, Ayew also claimed Grace Akaapo, mother of the child, was his wife and that the said child was his own blood. This brought about a fierce scuffle between both men and so the two were detained at the station to help police investigate the matter. Upon interrogation, the police gathered that the woman lived with both men before giving birth to the child.

ASP Experanza said the police were yet to go into the matter, which is currently being handled by Inspector Mary Mensah to ascertain the true paternity of the child. Fofo Torgbadza has been charged with the offence of disturbing the public peace while Ayew Agambiana has also been slapped with unlawful child removal.

Meanwhile, Fofo, a welder, in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, said he had been living with Grace as a wife for the past six years. “Grace delivered my first child, and so I named her Celestine Torgbadza before she became pregnant again.” “We have been living together until last Saturday, when she asked permission to visit the uncle at Dome with the girl.

“Around 4:00pm, however, Grace, my wife, called by phone to inform me that our daughter, Aku, had been kidnapped by an unknown person and so I left Sukura for Dome to help search for my daughter. It was during our search that Ayew stated that he had taken Aku because she was his biological daughter.” He continued that “while we were trying to settle the matter, Ayew and his family went to the police station to report the matter and so we also followed up to the station.”

Meanwhile, Grace Akaapo also told the paper that she met Ayew Agamniana when she was two months pregnant with Aku. “At the time, I and Fofo were separated and so I co-habited with Ayew for more than five months before I delivered my child at Dome. After giving birth, I later moved in to live with the true father of my child who is Fofo Torgbadza.”

Source: Daily Guide


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